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Civilian camp life in the Mifflin Guard has become an integral part of the Civil War reenacting experience for both the civilians and the military, as it has been growing and improving every year. Families are absolutely welcome, as well as individual male or female reenactors who wish to portray civilian life during the American Civil War.  Some of the period-correct activities that the Mifflin Guard Civilians have demonstrated include sewing, quilting, knitting, lace making, crocheting and many other hand crafts.  Also depicted are open fire cooking and baking, chair caning, leather work, and much more.  And the children have not been forgotten in all this…Victorian era games and toys are almost always on display if not in use!

First person impressions, requiring prerequisite research and historical accuracy, are encouraged but must first be approved by the civilian coordinator as well as sanctioned by the reenactment/living history site.  Some national, state and local parks are not particularly interested in having first person portrayals, as they feel it confuses the spectator.  Others are absolutely fine with it. 

Never forget that our main purpose when we are out in our Civil War gear is to educate by action and by illustration.   Also, we strive for authenticity but we don’t sacrifice fun.  Fun can be had any time you are camping next to good friends, both new and old.  As always, the Mifflin Guard civilian coordinators are available for both questions and suggestions. We are accessible through phone, email, Yahoo group and Facebook, so please use whichever line of communication you prefer.


The Mifflin Guard Civilian Coordinator:

Amy Kirkpatrick

The Mifflin Guard Assistant Civilian Coordinator:

Sue Petersen


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