Below you will find some links to some helpful suppliers and/or information sources.  New links are welcome as long as they pertain to our hobby.  If you know of a link that you would like included, please email me.



Abraham's Lady

Civil War Lady
Regimental Quartermaster Woolrich Civil War Wool Products
Period Jeweler's Daughter
Improving Your Civil War Impression (on Facebook)  


 I have just received a few links from one of our newest members, Debra DiFranco of the 22nd MA.  Please take some time to check out the links that she has contributed!

Thanks Debra!

The Sewing Academy


This is a place where additional information has been pooled into one place. No one can know everything and those who belong
to the forums contribute  for the most part useful information and encouragement to newbies.
This is primarily a "play nice" site. CarolAnn Schmidt and Elizabeth Clark run the site, and cite primary sources for the basis of their research which may prove helpful to anyone doing background information on their impression.
Letter writing, cooking, men's clothing, children, it's all there.
I would like to add one note, when researching pull up all you can on the subject, I have read contradictions from thread to thread on those forums at times. 


Fashion Fabric Club has frequent sales and a large variety. They are a 21st century supplier, but there are ample choices to 19th century fabrics. Check with your authenticity chairperson if you are unsure about the print or colorway.
Check the fabric descriptions for fabric content. Some are pure fibers and others have synthetic blends.
Some of the dresses the fancier seamstresses are offering can be found at this site.

Fabrics good for reproduction clothing include, but are not limited to:
silk taffeta, 
silk twill (occasionally heavy twill which is a good dress weight)
tropical wools (perfect for day dresses)
canton flannel
pima cotton
pique cotton
crimpolene (sheer wool)
challis (wool and wool/cotton blends)
silk organdy
cotton lawns

For Silks
PureSilks from India. International ordering never a problem. Used heavily by the Sewing Academy crowd and I have ordered 3 different times and can vouch for them. The silks are fantastic, the prices good and the fabric arrives most times within 2 weeks.
The silks are beautiful. Brocades, stripes, solids in almost every color of the rainbow.....  some brocades have rayon blends.
They also have organdy in silk and cotton, barred and plain.
This is a good resource for cottons. They carry a good assortment of reproduction cottons. The prices are the same as all the other out there, but the one thing that you will like the best is they have sales and you can often pick up fabric for a good price.



MJ Trim has silk ribbon. Their grosgrain is POLYESTER. 
Good color ranges. I have not used this on line company but we know the trims from our local fabric stores.


Tons of trims, velvet ribbon that will pass muster, and other overstock trims.
Great if you need a lot, have someone to split it with or just need to buy it in bulk. Good service. Products have not disappointed.
Stock changes with some frequency so check back to see what's new.




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