Period Images


Below you will see some period images that may help you in your impression.  These are randomly selected images and have not been placed on this page for any specific features.  Period images are a good tool to use in forming your impression - HOWEVER - keep in mind that most people at that time wore their best clothes and put on there most formal appearance for the photographer.  This may not be a perfect example of everyday appearance.  You will also want to keep in mind the age of the person in the image directly relates to the style of clothing that they are wearing, i.e. a middle aged woman will probably not be wearing a hat but may wear a bonnet and a younger girl may be wearing a two piece outfit like a zouave jacket but an older woman probably would not.

If you have any images you would like to submit for inclusion on this site please email the webmaster.  I would particularly like to add some images of children if you have them to share.



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