Mifflin Guard Civilian Projects



The Civilians have been working on a few projects, some to raise funds for Historic Preservation and some to raise funds to send care packages to our Modern Day soldiers overseas.  Please take a look and see if there is anything you would like to become involved with!  Donations of fabric, buttons and skill are always welcome!

We also welcome new ideas and would love to hear from you!



Crazy Quilt  

Mrs. Susan Petersen has been assembling quilt blocks since last season.  During the 2010 and 2011 seasons we asked Civilians to take time in camp or at home to embellish a quilt block with buttons, ribbon, embroidery, etc.  Most of the quilt blocks have been completed.  If you still have blocks please return them to Mrs. Petersen as soon as possible.  We will begin selling raffle tickets in the coming months and the final product will be raffled off. 


Soups for the Troops  

This activity may take place at a future event.  To be determined.


Ladies Aide Society Box  

Our Ladies Aid box was greatly appreciated and a desire for it to be repeated has been voiced by the troops.  They particularly appreciated the handkerchiefs.  If you have any scrap cotton, a 16x16 hemmed block makes the perfect handkerchief.  Please feel free to donate them.


Mifflin Guard Civilian Cookbook PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!

We aren't doing so well with this one!

We have had hopes of compiling a cookbook for sale to benefit the civilians for a few years.  This year let's make a big effort to get this together.!

We are in need of your favorite recipes, old and new, to include in our cookbook.  There is no limit on the number of recipies you can submit.  To submit recipes or obtain more information please contact:

Amy or Sue.